February 20, 2022

Places to find black creatives for graphic desingers


This week I wanted to share some websites on were to find black creatives. Its important to show represnetation for people of color. Growing up it was hard for me to find black designers and I always felt lost because I didnt see many designers who were people of color, but after researching through the internet I realized that theres a world full of creatives who look like me and many from different cultural backgrouds. I thought that for black history month it is important to show others where to find black creatives. Below you will see links to directories, studios, and organizations that are black owned.

Important Quote

“Design teaches us not to make assumptions. ~Sylvia Harris


Information here


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A black directory that features many black creatives and designers, there is also a growing slack channel conneced to this directory as well. https://blackswho.design/

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A directoty that is connected to BIPOC creatives as well as BIPOC oened businesses  http://deloris.world/

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Hire Black Ceratives is a growing directory list of black creatives like photographers, filmakers , designers and more. https://www.hireblackcreatives.co/

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rememory.directory is a growing directory of black woman and non-binary people and highlights the works amoungst these individuals as well. https://www.rememory.directory/

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A AfroTech organiation that reprensents various black creatives and developers working in the tech industry. https://afrotech.com/

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A showcase of black creatives, developers,designers and various artist. Created by Maurice Cherry with a huge podcast featuring these artist as well

List of People


Black Designer + Black Owned Studios




I wanted to give a personal thank you to all the creators of these websites. I apprecaite those who took the time to cerate these organizations and platforms for everyone. I wanted to also say that I hope many people take advantage of the resoruces listed above this document. I am happy to share many of these resoirces with evertone. These are helpful for me as well because I would love to reach out to everyone and potentionally have them as podcast guests.

Resource Links

You can view more resoruces on my website at www.lodesign.com or you can listen to my podcast here: https://anchor.fm/lodesigns278 Below are resources that helped me find alot of these websites so please take a look of these as well.

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