November 22, 2021

Must Have Books For Graphic Designers

Books that I recommend

Books have had a great impact on my life tremendously during the past 2 years. During the pandemic I had nothing to do and I felt lost. Books where a great way for me to stay motivated and look at my future in a positive direction. But as a designer there have been lots of books written by professionals who give excellent design tips. Some of these books have inspired me to post more consistently on social media and some have provided great marketing advice. Here are my book recommendations that every designer should read.

Logo Modernism By Jens Muller and R. Roger Remigton

This book list Several modernize logos and icons How To Michael Bierut Grid Systems in Graphic Design By Josef Muller Brockmann

79 Design Short Essays On Design by Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut goes in depth about life as designer in the industry

Building a Story Brand: Clarify your messages so customers will listen

This book mainly explains brand strategy

Freelance Hustle by David Heredia

I have personally read this book and it was very helpful listening to what David experience as a freelance designer.

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Must Have Books For Graphic Designers

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