September 7, 2021

How To Start Print On Demand As a Graphic Designer

During this pandemic, I had no idea what I was going to do for money other than freelancing, but I wanted to find different ways to make money. I didn't want to struggle to find clients and overload on work because I wanted to make money, don't get me wrong, and love freelancing. Still, I knew there where other ways to make money without the hassle—That's when I discovered print on demand.

Print on demand is a process where suppliers and prints and sells product designs that you create. Then when a product is sold, you receive a portion of that sale. You may think that its pointless because you only receive a part of the purchase, but you have to think about print on demand as a passive income. This is very beneficial for graphic designers because we can create design work to sell or provide services to develop designer for people who would like to sell their own products on print on demand.

Below are links to my print on demand shops, and I will also add a link to sign up links so you can create your own shop as well.

Here are the links to my shop


Tee Public

Red Bubble Shop

Here are the links to sign up





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