September 7, 2021

Directories to meet other designers who are BIPOC

A couple of months ago I came across these directories that had a huge massive list of other designers and creatives who are people of color. Growing up it was hard to find other successful creatives who where Latino black designers. After coming across these directories I have dedicated everyday to reach out to as many designers as I can. Here is a list of directories that ive found.

Blacks Who Design

Blacks who design is a directory in order to inspire other black designers

Blacks in the bay area

Blacks in the bay area provide helpful and supporting resources to other black designers and is a design based community of black designer's.

28 Blacks

28 Blacks shares the stories of other black graphic designers

Latinxs who design

Latinxs who design list various artists, illustrators, designers, engineers, and other creatives who work in the industry.

Latinx Design Directory

Latinx Design Directory is a Directory of Latinx designers


APIWho.Design is a directory Asian & Pacific Islanders, which includes all Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders

Remeory Directory

Rememory is a directory of creatives of black women and non-binary people of the African diaspora.

Women who design

Women who design is a directory of women graphic designers

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