June 21, 2022

Dealing with burnout as a graphic designer

What is burnout?

Burnout is a term used by many proffessionals where they have just had enough and need a break from everything going on in their lives. In short term its bassically overworking yourself to the point were you cant work no more. Sometimes it leads to lack of motivation, finding yourself in a rut just not wanting to do anything.

For me after going to design school fulltime and still managing to handle a part time internship I felt burn out after completing my finals and portfolio review. After everything I was finished with my internship and I felt that I didnt want to be a designer, because of how stressed I was working and going to school on top of that. But I realized that I had spread myself too thin, that I was julgging too many things at once. One important I lesson that I learned during this experience was to never overwork myself but to also not blame myself.

Being a designer is a very competitive industry and can be very overwhelming at times. Trying to be the best of the best can seem unrealistic and you feel that you have to push yourself to the max to do everything you can. As a designer I would say that a part of working in this industy is time management and that you have to learn out to manage your time, and a part of managing your time is making time for your mental health. It may be hard and unrealistic but you have to make time.

Tips that have helped me with burnout

  • Reaching out to someone
  • Practicing mindfulness such as yoga and meditation
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Making time for social activities

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Dealing with burnout as a graphic designer

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