September 7, 2021

7 of the best graphic design challenges for designers

7 of the best graphic design challenges for designers

It's hard to create passion projects when you have absolutely no time to create anything, That is understandable. But what if you do have time? Have you ever been stuck trying to create a passion project because you had no idea what you wanted to do? One problem that I have when creating passion projects is having no idea what to do! What I found useful was creating something every day and these design challenges have been the best. Here are my favorite design challenges.

36 days of type

This challenge is for designers to create a series of characters using the alphabet in their style, it has grown huge for lettering designers in the community. You can submit your work on their website and post on Instagram with #36daysoftype.

365 poster challenge

This challenge was created by Vasjen Katro or @baugasm on Instagram. In his challenge, he created a daily poster 1 for every day and created an impact on the design industry with his futuristic visual artwork.

Wtf should I letter?

This challenge was created by Lauren Hom who is a famous hand lettering artist, she designed this challenge where you are given a phrase and you recreate that phrase in your own style. You can also share your post on Instagram using #WTFShouldILetter.


This is usually in October but many people may participate in this challenge, it's not meant for designers per se but if you love to draw in ink like me then this challenge may be for you. Once you create an ink drawing Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2020.

30 Day logo challenge

The 30-day logo challenge is a great way to enhance your logo-creating schools when you sign up you are emailed a logo prompt for the next 30 days.

Sharpen Design

My of my favorite design challenge, sharpen design shares a random design prompt, ranging from different approaches like marketing, branding, product design, and UX/UI design.

Daily Ui

For those who are interesting in learning about UX/UI design, this challenge is the best so far, every day you will get a UI prompt for the next 100 days.


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